Aab’s Ramadan collection sheds light on Islam’s Golden Era

Aab, the modest fashion brand, has taken inspiration from the ‘Golden Era’ of Islam to develop this year’s Ramadan collection.

The collection, named ‘once upon a time in,’ draws from the rich Islamic history, heritage, styles, and preferences of six great Muslim cities.

“These cities played a major role in the development of language, science, philosophy, architecture, medicine and so much more,” says Nazmin Alim, Aab’s founder and creative director.  

“Our collections for Ramadan are inspired by our vast and rich history, which is often not taught or talked about enough – beautifying our collections by weaving a little piece of history into our garments, in the hope this will encourage you to explore more about our heritage.  

“The manual skills of our artisans and craftmanship shine through in the beauty of our products, in our heritage in our identity. It’s not just another garment.”

Nazmin believes there is more potential to explore Islam’s “Golden Era.” She says it’s not taught enough in schools, and so anything that sheds light on this history is beneficial.

“Our aim is to educate people, it’s not just about fashion and clothing, but if we can evoke a love for learning about our rich heritage and what Islam stood (and still stands for). To inspire future generations, to revive a love for our history and promote the scholars of arts, medicine, philosophy and so much more,” says Nazmin.

Aab – a success story

Established in 2008, Aab has become the UK’s leading modest wear brand that offers a range of clothing and accessories for Muslim women.  

Its products include abayas, hijabs, and accessories, designed to provide full coverage and modesty while still being fashionable.

Nazmin started the venture to provide Muslim women, not being served by mainstream fashion brands, with on-trend designs using high-quality fabrics and focusing on customer experience. The company prides itself on reviving traditional methods of textile design and production.

Aab, which began as an online store, now ships to more than 50 countries. It is the first modest fashion brand to achieve mainstream success and can be found in popular retailers like John Lewis and Next.

Not surprisingly, faith plays a significant role in the business for Nazmin. “Our faith underpins everything we do such as how we approach our collections, suppliers, finances and wider stakeholders,” she says.  

“As an example, sometimes when things don’t go our way or plan out in the way we had intended, our faith grounds us in the realisation that there is something better or perhaps we avoided a bigger problem.

“Faith also helps you to appreciate taking a long-term view over seeking immediate results, where we want to build something meaningful and with purpose.”  

Aab will launch new categories later this year as the brand evolves into more of a lifestyle offering, something the organisation had planned for some time.  

At the same time, the company will continue to double down on the things that resonate well with its loyal customer case.  

“Over the years, we have developed an intimate understanding of what our customers are looking for, as well as the small details they appreciate,” says Nazmin.

Visit Aab’s website to explore the collection and shop online. Aab is offering a special Eid discount of £20 off a minimum £50 spend with code: EIDGIFT


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