Guidance for the God Conscious — Surah al-Baqarah

Imam Yahya Ibrahim continues to look at Surah al-Baqarah and how the various stories show us the different reactions people have to Allah’s (SWT) guidance.

Adam (PBUH) was ordered to stay away from the Tree. We understand from our own life experience that we, equally, have a limit that we KNOW we should not approach, let alone cross. Our “Trees” may be different, but the test remains the same.

The opening passages of Surah al-Baqarah describe the three ways in which people react to the guidance of the Quran. The righteous believe in it, embrace it, and strive to follow it. The unbelievers reject it and after understanding it, obstinately, turn away from it. Finally, the third group, the deceivers and hypocrites, get the particular attention as their influence is not just self-destructive, but collectively a subtle danger to the unaware. They masquerade with a feigned outward embrace of the guidance of the Quran, all the while internally they reject it.  

The initial pages of the Quran calls us to introspection and an active self-critique.  

We are reminded to approach the Quran with piety and a sincere heart that is searching for Truth. The Quran is demystified for the Mutaqoon.  On the other hand, those who approach the Quran with an antagonistic mindset are more likely to overlook its simplified Truth and fall short of its depth and beauty.

“Guidance for the God-conscious.” The various stories in Surah al-Baqarah show us the different reactions to Allah’s (SWT) guidance. Humans by our nature will slip up but how we react to our own mistakes indicates our overall attitude towards Allah.  

The main themes of Surah al-Baqarah

Surah al-Baqarah establishes mankind as being the divinely ordained successors on earth, with their responsibilities which are instated by Allah the Al-Mighty.  

Throughout the Surah there are three main themes highlighted:

1. Clarifying the role mankind was created.

2. Presenting previous experiences of those who were tasked with carrying the trust of succession before our Ummah and lessons for us to consider.

3. Tasking this Ummah with carrying the trust and covenant of faith until the Day of Resurrection.

Those who seek Truth will find it. Those who attend with a pure heart and clear intentions will prosper and remain in the protection of Allah. Those who struggle in way of Allah will find their path to paradise. The steps are clear. A clean heart & intention that gives heed to the knowledge of revelation and seeks purification from error and sin, will be successful.

May Allah count us amongst them.

As we continue our Journey through the Quran we will explore these essential themes to discover more of the beauty of this chapter and others that follow.

I pray that the Quran remains a light for us in the darkness of excess and that it leads us to the moderate, straight path of righteousness. I pray that we practice it faithfully by day and busy ourselves with its recitation by night.

May Allah grant us its guidance and guide others to it through us.  


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