Brace yourselves for an exhilarating celebration of Muslim excellence in business at the Islam Channel Business Awards 2024.

After an intense selection process, our independent judging panel has handpicked more than 100 exceptional businesses to vie for glory across 17 categories.

Prepare to be inspired as we honour the trailblazers, innovators and game-changers shaping the future of business.

Here is a list of the finalists:

Start-Up Business of the Year

·      A&B Films Studio

·      Alyf

·      Muscle Basin Gym

·      The Barakah Company

·      Read Meta School

Sponsored by Be the Business

Family Business of the Year

·      Abu Bakr Supermarket

·      Café de Nata

·      Euro Foods Group

·      Hashmats Health

·      Bubble Girl

·      Lancashire Farm

·      Once Upon a Dua

·      Sunnamusk

Sponsored by Muslim Hands

Micro Business of the Year

·       Baby Likes

·       Budget Inventories

·       Ibadah London

·       Once Upon a Dua

·       Sweet Lounge Group

·       The Sweetlicious Group

Sponsored by HFA Halal Food Authority

Small Business of the Year

·       Almás Dentistry & Aesthetics

·       Ammi Food

·       Artz-i

·       Darussalam International Publications

·       Greystone Solicitors

·       Halal Kitchen

·      The Ottoman Doner

Sponsored by Wise Utility

Medium Business of the Year

·       Caprinos Pizza

·       Chicken Cottage

·       Islamic Finance Guru

·       Sunnamusk

·      Unlocking Language

Sponsored by Crep Protect

Large Business of the Year

·       Euro Foods Group

·       Flightcatchers

·       Heavenly Desserts

·       Lancashire Farm Dairies

·       Loft 25 Group

·       National Care Consortium

·      Regal Food Products Group

Sponsored by HalalBooking

Digital Business of the Year

·       Halal Beats

·       HalalBooking

·       Halalo

·       Kestrl

·       Pfida

·       Wahed

Sponsored by insight Consultancy

Food & Beverage Business of the Year

·       Kung Pao Panda

·       Pride Of Asia

·       Regal Food Products Group

·       Spice Village

·       Sweet Lounge Group

·       The Club House Steak House

·       Halal Guys

·       Kaspa’s Desserts

Sponsored by Heriots

Professional Services of the Year

·       Caring Hearts Fostering

·       Mini Bees Childcare

·       Dentistry For You

·       National Translators Interpreters Services

·       Farani Taylor

·       Wildings Solicitors

·       I Will Solicitors

Sponsored by Aegis Support Services

Fashion Business of the Year

·       Aab

·       Islamic Impressions

·       Lanuuk

·       Lead Associates

·       Sumayah

·       Urban Islamic Wear

·       WBYS

Sponsored by NIyyah

Businessman of the Year

·       Dr Esmail Harunani (Dentistry for You)

·       Areeb Siddiqui (Kestrl)

·       AbdulMaalik Tailor (Halal Tourism Britain)

·       Muhammad Sufyan Moavia (IBISS & CO)

·       Jamal Ahmed (Privacy Pros Academy)

·       Younis Chaudhry (Regal Food Products)

·       Kazi Abidur Rahman (Sunnamusk)

Sponsored by: Strideup

Businesswoman of the Year

·       Saima Duhare (It’s Halal)

·       Belma Uysal (Manaraise Consultancy)

·       Syeda Sumayah Saadi (Sumayah)

·       Deena Ataie (Heriots Patisserie)

·       Farzana Rahman (The Desi Doll Company)

·       Samrien Hussain (Tick Tock Unlock)

·       Nusaiba Timol (WAW Creative Arts)

·       Rushna Miah (HAWA Multicultural Services)

Sponsored by: halal eat

Financial Services Business of the Year

·       Dahabshiil Transfer Services

·       IBISS & CO

·       Kestrl

·       Nester

·       Pfida

·       Wahed

·       Your Home

Sponsored by: Riba Free Foundation

Real Estate Business of the Year

·       Alico Property Group

·       Ivy Group

·       Nester

·       Qazi Investments

·       Your Home

Sponsored by: Acorn Property Investment

Community Business of the Year

·       HAWA Multicultural Services

·       The Little Kindness Foundation

·       Humdum UK

·       Darul Ihsan Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre

·       Hope 4 Humanity

·       The Muslim Employment Charter

Sponsored by dentistry for you

Travel and Tourism Business of the Year

·       Atlas Travels

·       Gatwick Travels

·       HalalBooking

·       Halal Tourism Britain

·       Hasan Travel & Tours

·       Right Choice Home & Away

·       The Muslim Women Travel Group

Sponsored by Dahabshiil

10 Years Milestone Award of the Year

·       Aab

·       Islamic Impressions

·       Euro Foods Group

·       The Desi Doll Company

·       HalalBooking

·       Unlocking Language

Sponsored by Islamic Relief

Please visit our awards website for more information on the event, sponsorship and ticket queries.


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