Here’s how to donate your Zakat and Sadaqah safely and smartly

During Ramadan, Muslims are keener to give money towards good causes but do we really know how our Zakat is Sadaqah is used? The Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) has launched a campaign to make people aware of how to donate safely and smartly in the blessed month.  

The ‘Be Smart’ campaign, which comprises a series of videos that will be played on Islam Channel throughout Ramadan and a guide, will help donors find out how to give more effectively to those in need.

The campaign also includes a self-assessment tool that helps donors to reflect on their donation habits and discover their donor personality type.

MCF said donors are increasingly seeking more information about how their money is spent but many still donate without conducting basic checks, which leaves them vulnerable to scams or their donation not being used as effectively.  

“In recent years, we have monitored social media spaces and been privy to complaints and concerns raised about charities from the public,” said Fadi Itani, the CEO of MCF.

“We noticed a common theme of concern around transparency, efficiency and marketing methods.”

Muslims give to charity regularly all year round but Ramadan is a time of even greater giving. During the holy month, UK Muslims donate around £150m to various charities both as Zakat and Sadaqah.

Give Smart Give Safe guide

MCF wants to ensure this Ramadan, Muslims understand their religious duty of knowing what their wealth is doing by investigating how their money is making a difference.  

“British Muslims are giving their hard-earned cash and time to volunteer with charities,” said Fadi.  

“They do this primarily out of religious obligation and also as a way to build strong communities and invest for the greater good. This means that no matter what, donors will continue to use charities to fulfil a key part of their religious duty.  

“Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for them to be aware of how the charity sector operates in the UK and how charities can exemplify best practice.”  

Here is a quick checklist from MCF of some of the things mentioned in the Give Smart Give Safe guide:  

  1. Take time to think about where your money is going. If it is to a registered organisation, there is plenty of information online about them.  
  2. If that information is inaccessible, send an email or pick up the phone and talk to the charity about it- it’s within your rights!  
  3. Get clued up on the fundamental Islamic teachings on Sadaqah and Zakat- this bit is an individual responsibility.  
  4. And be wary of scams, spam, and dodgy links online. Use trusted charity platforms to enter bank details and process payments.

Download the Give Smart Give Safe guide

What type of donor are you? Check out the quick and easy Smart Donor Assessment tool

Islam Channel checks all our charity partners are registered with the Charity Commission so viewers can be sure their donations are in safe hands. Charity appeals are held each night on our channel throughout Ramadan.


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