How Muslims can give charity smartly and safely this Ramadan

For the third year, Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) is raising awareness about how Muslims can give smartly and safely this Ramadan.  

The ‘Give Smart Give Safe’ campaign urges donors to make informed decisions when giving to charities so that their donations reach those in need.

Although Muslims are among the most generous people all year round, Ramadan is a hotspot for giving with millions of pounds of zakat and sadaqah given during the holy month. The MCF estimates that during Ramadan 2022, British Muslims raised £150m for UK and international causes.  

But the campaign wants donors to get better at conducting quick and simple checks before they part with their money. “MCF are committed to supporting donors and charities to ensure donations reach those in need,” Fadi Itani, the CEO of MCF, told Islam Channel.

“This year, we are focusing again on giving smartly and safely as our research shows that almost half of people do not conduct checks before parting with their money.  

“Our aim is to share best practice and protect the Muslim community’s generosity to ensure their contributions is making a real difference and that those who need help, can really benefit.”

The ‘Give Smart Give Safe guide

In Islam, great importance is given to giving as the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, ‘The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people.’ (Al-Mu’jam Al-Awsat).

But giving also comes with the responsibility of ensuring the funds go where they should.  

“Giving in faith is beautiful but we are commanded to conduct our actions with intention and Ihsaan as well,” said Fadi. “Islam teaches us to safeguard ourselves and to ensure that we are of benefit to others.

“Be an informed donor by giving smartly and safely. We can ensure we are not giving blindly and that we are upholding responsibility and care with our donations and understanding their value in creating real change for people in need.”

The guide looks at several issues, including how to properly research a company and donate zakat and sadaqah safely.  

It helps donors understand an organisation’s speciality better, its work and impact, and encourages communication with charities when things need clarification.  

The guide also mentions how donors should not indulge in rumours and explains the importance of Gift Aid and admin costs within charities.

Top tips to give safely

As well as the comprehensive Give Safe Give Smart guide, MCF has produced a short video series to educate donors on giving responsibly. Here are Fadi’s top three takeaways for Islam Channel viewers on how to givesafely this Ramadan.  

  • Check the charity is registered with the Charity Commission. This means it will be checked and monitored.
  • Look for the impact and benefit your chosen charity is creating. Can they tell you about it?  
  • Check that the website you donate through is secure. Give only to genuine donation sites and don’t transfer money to personal bank accounts. Don’t hesitate to contact the charity to verify if you are unsure!  

Read the Give Smart Give Safe guide


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