Sacred Formula: A study of the dua of the Prophets of Allah

In this new series of articles, Imam Yahya Ibrahim will tell us about some essential duas that we can learn and make it part of our daily routine.  

Not a day in life goes by without the mercy and protection from Allah (SWT). The sacred Formulas taught to us through the demonstrated practice of our Prophet (SAW) in the form of dua or invocations are an incredible blessing upon our ummah.

They are intended to be one of the ways of us attaining the protection from Allah (SWT). for our day-to-day encounters with others and a shield against the unseen forces that abound.

Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the one who was taught these sacred recitations of dua by the command of the Al-Mighty Allah. He would then prescribe them to us for particular needs and circumstances that we encounter. The Sacred Formula prescriptions are a self-administered guide to heal ourselves, provide therapy for others, and to even protect ourselves from downturns and hardships that are yet to be visited upon us — whether they are spiritual, intellectual, economic or physical.

Over the next few articles I will lead you through some essential dua that can be memorised, recited daily and will be part of our daily routines inshaAllah.

Allah accept from us All and protect us all with His Most perfect words of protection that guard against the evil that seeks to spread.

What is dua and how are we to use it?

Dua in a literal sense is to call out. You invite, ask, or request someone for something. Imam Ibn Qayyium clarifies that it is, “asking for a benefit, & removal of some harm that is afflicting him & protection of some harm that might come to him.”

Imam al-Khattabi goes on to explain that it is the Servant asking his Lord for help, for continued support, while showing his neediness to Allah and admits that he does not have ability or power to change his own circumstances without the support of Allah. “That they praise their Lord, and make mention of His Divine attributes abundantly while maintaining in their heart that Allah is the giver of reward, and generosity is His dealing with His creation.”

The Prophet (SAW) said, “DUA is Worship.” Dua is the essence of worship. (Tirmithi)

Allah says: Make Dua to me. I will respond. Those who are too arrogant to worship me (through Dua) will enter (due to the deeds that lead to) Hell, humiliated. 40:60

Allah says: He is the Ever-Living, no deity except him. So make Dua to Him, and to him is the Deen (entire religion)… 40:65

The Benefits of Dua

As we study the Sunnah and begin to analyse the Sacred formulas taught to us by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) we discover numerous benefits to making Dua:

  1. Increase of Imaan & Faith.
  2. Appreciate Allah’s beautiful Names & Attributes.
  3. Reminder of man’s limitations.
  4. Reminder of Allah’s unlimited capability.
  5. Proves that we believe that Allah hears us, and will respond.
  6. That Qadr of Allah, the good and bad is acknowledged as being in Allah’s Hand and that we are able to increase our prosperity and lessen our hardships through our Dua and connection with Allah.
  7. Feeling of Neediness to our Lord increases our submission to Him.
  8. Affirms Allah’s infinite blessings and mercy

In the coming instalments we will discuss the various types of Dua and how to utilise them in our personal circumstances, inshaAllah.


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