‘So how do I make Eid special for my kids?’

There are many ways to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, here’s a taster of how entrepreneur Sarah Gulfraz, the owner of Peacock Supplies, does it

As it is with every Muslim, Eid day is always special in our house. We decorate, we give, and we eat.

I believe that it’s important to create a ‘fuss’ of Eid especially if you have kids. It’s about creating memories — and that’s important for me to do for my children.  

How do we do it?

Obviously, Eid wouldn’t be Eid, without presents. After everyone comes back from salat, we’ll get to open the presents.  

Now that some of my kids are older, colouring books and pens no longer work! So, before Eid, I allow them to give me a wish list of things they would like — and I pick a few items from that list.

When I first did this, I didn’t really stipulate the rules properly and the lists consisted of Playstations and phones… I should’ve known! So now I ask them to give me a list that also includes non-expensive items, so I can get them something without needing to break the bank.

One of the big things in our house on Eid day is the big breakfast/brunch. I make a big deal about it. I ask the kids to request what they want for breakfast the day before and then I’ll look to make that for them.

We will have a brunch buffet; things like French toast, pancakes, eggs etc. We’ll be eating Asian food for the rest of the day, so we go continental and English for the brunch.

After the meal, we’re out for the day at my parents’ house and then to my in-laws to celebrate the rest of Eid.

I don’t host on Eid day but on the first Saturday after Eid I always have a party at my house where I go to town. I decorate the house, we have party games for the kids and foods galore — the whole works!

Making it memorable for the kids

As I said earlier, for me Eid is about creating memories and there are many things you can do to make it as memorable as possible for you and your kids. Here are three things that will help you make it special:

  1. The rituals we do for Eid are important in anchoring the memories — the ghusl, the putting on the best clothes, the meeting and greeting of people, the Eid salat, giving the Fitr (if you haven’t already), and the exchanging of gifts, food and sweets. Especially for the little ones, it is important to tell them about the significance of Eid al-Fitr so they have that love and connection for it and its rituals,
  2. Have fun! Who doesn’t remember going to the local park and running around in their finery with their siblings and cousins? You can also play board or card games, and other interactive party games. If you have a garden, you can even hire bouncy castles and fairground type games at a reasonable price.
  3. Just like we prepped our homes to welcome the blessed month of Ramadan, you should also do the same for Eid. Whether you like banners, balloons or lights — some nice decor will give your house – and your pictures – a lift! We’ve got a whole host of decor ideas on our website, check them out.


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