Visit My Mosque 2023: Faith, Food and Creating Heartwarming Friendships

Visit My Mosque, a flagship campaign of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the biggest mosque open day event in the UK, has once again demonstrated the power of unity, connection, and community spirit.  

Over the weekend of September 23rd and 24th, more than 200 mosques across the UK opened their doors to welcome visitors from all backgrounds, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Britain’s multi-faith and diverse cultural landscape. 

This year’s theme, ‘Faith, Food, and Friends,’ emphasised the values of hospitality, inclusivity, and mutual understanding. Mosques welcomed guests to enjoy tea, insightful talks, and immersive tours that allowed people of all faiths and none to explore the rich history and impact of local mosques and Muslim communities.  

VMM2023 – Leeds Grand Mosque, Lord Mayor of Leeds

Visit My Mosque 2023 weekend witnessed a diverse turnout, with thousands of visitors congregating at mosques throughout the UK. This remarkable achievement underscores the growing enthusiasm for interfaith dialogue and the desire to strengthen the bonds of friendship between communities. The event also highlighted the significant contributions of mosques to the British landscape.  

Mosques from across the UK hosted engaging and interactive open day events for the local communities of which they are a part; Al Furqan Mosque in Glasgow delivered a fantastic event including a special exhibition on the ‘Celtic Crescent;’ Leeds Grand Mosque welcomed hundreds of guests including the Lord Mayor of Leeds; the award winning Cheadle Masjid in Greater Manchester delivered a fun day out for entire families and Finsbury Park Mosque in London continued the weekend’s festivities by welcoming in hundreds of local schoolchildren for tours, talks and snacks on Monday, 25th September.     

VMM2023 – School visit, Finsbury Park Mosque, North London

Reflecting on the significance of Visit My Mosque 2023, MCB Secretary General, Zara Mohammed, said: “In its 8th year, the Visit My Mosque campaign has continued in its mission to unite communities. 

“This year, participating mosques graciously opened their doors and put faith into action by extending warm hospitality and offering valuable insights into Islam and local Muslim communities—an especially vital endeavour during a time of increased division.”

She added: “We extend our deepest gratitude to all who actively participated, including mosques and their teams, civic leaders, mayors, representatives from local police forces, schools and, of course, the thousands of guests that joined in the festivities.” 

“The essence of this campaign lies in the pursuit of building bridges, bringing people together, and contributing to the creation of a harmonious Britain where diverse communities can come together in pursuit of the common good. Here’s to fostering connection, friendship and unity, year-round,” said Zara.


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