What is Umrahme?

The Umrah pilgrimage is a special chance to connect with our Creator. It’s an experience associated with deep lessons, spiritual blessings and personal rewards.

When booking the trip, one can opt to do it independently or go for an Umrah tour. Many Muslims choose the latter, as it ensures travel arrangements are handled in one go.

That’s where Umrahme comes in.

What is Umrahme?

Umrahme is an online travel booking platform providing Umrah tours in the standard, premium and luxury range.

To date, they have served over four million Muslims making Umrah, with four out of five pilgrims recommending the site.

As a NUSUK-accredited partner, Umrahme holds a strong reputation, with trust and high quality guaranteed for customers in this space.

Benefits of booking an Umrahme tour

Umrahme tours come with ample variety, meaning one can browse and choose from different packages according to budget and length of stay.

The platform promises unbeatable prices, letting those on tighter budgets appreciate value for money.

It is also fully customisable and user-friendly, so Umrah-intenders can tailor their trip according to personal needs.

Alongside this, Umrahme grants convenience. By arranging your travel itinerary into one booking, you face less headache and worry. Your focus can remain on what truly matters most – your spiritual journey with Allah SWT.

Finally, doing Umrah independently will require hours of research. With an Umrahme tour, this simply isn’t necessary, saving travellers a ton of time.

Mohammed Bin Mahfouz, the pioneering force behind the groundbreaking Umrahme initiative, said: “Our platform prioritises transparency, offers round-the-clock digital assistance, and nurtures a sense of community among pilgrims.”

“Our approach revolves around fostering trust, building connections, and constantly innovating to meet evolving needs,” he added.

How much does an Umrahme tour cost?

The exact cost of the tour will depend on several factors, mainly the budget for your trip and allocated length of stay.

Umrahme provides packages with a number of durations, from as brief as two nights and three days, to tours that last eight nights and nine days.

These longer tours include further destinations. Hence, depending on your time and preference, you could spend a few additional nights in Madinah, Jeddah, Al Ula and more, upon completion of your Umrah.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the season you travel can also affect costs, with certain times of year such as Ramadan being more expensive.

Additional Umrahme packages

Alongside their classic Umrah tours, Umrahme offer additional travel packages. Some of these are all-inclusive. Others present themselves as land-only deals.

The Spiritual Journey Plus Mountain Vistas is one such example, combining the Umrah experience with a diverse Saudi tour.

The Spiritual Plus Arabian Heritage is another popular bundle. It includes touring different Saudi cities exclusively in the comfort of a Sedan.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to book accommodation-only for an independent Umrah tour, Umrahme can still assist you via several special offers on their Hotels directory.

Bin Mahfouz explains, “Our ‘Umrah+’ packages are designed to showcase the diversity of Saudi Arabia’s attractions, thereby supporting the ambitious tourism goals outlined in Vision 2030.”

Umrahme extra features

Beyond just booking a tour alone, Umrahme supplies a number of extra features.

The first is a visually-pleasing blog full of travel guides. These resources give users practical information as well as destination recommendations.

Then there’s the extensive FAQs section on the website, complete with detailed answers on all manner of enquiries, including the Umrah rituals themselves.

And last but not least, the platform has an upcoming mobile app for both android and iOS.

Overall, it’s the combination of interactivity and customisability that makes Umrahme a leader in the Umrah travel space.

There can be a lot of pressure when booking this holy experience. Fortunately, sites like Umrahme mean you don’t have to pursue it alone.

Enjoy your first/next Umrah hassle-free by making the most out of Umrahme.


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