YouTuber dropped by sponsor after fury over Islamophobic comments

YouTube personality True Geordie has been dropped by one of his sponsors after making Islamophobic comments that drew the ire of Muslims on social media.

The football YouTuber, whose real name is Brian Davis, made a comment that perpetuated a xenophobic portrayal of Muslims.  

It prompted widespread outrage on social media, with many Muslim celebrities and influencers calling Davis out for his comments and asking what repercussions he would face.

Despite an attempt at an apology by Davis, the backlash has prompted gym clothing retailer Gymshark to say that it would stop sponsoring the YouTuber.  

“We do not condone discrimination or Islamophobia in any form. We do not agree with the comments made by Brian, aka True Geordie, and have suspended our relationship with him indefinitely, effective immediately,” it said in a tweet.

Offensive remarks

When asked whether he would fight the former kickboxer Andrew Tate, who recently said that he had become Muslim, Davis said Andrew should “blow himself up” to prove he was a Muslim.  

Davis laughed and doubled down on the comment even though his co-host pointed out that it was offensive.  

The footage did not go down well with Muslims on social media.

Footballer writer and podcaster Umir said: “@TrueGeordietg being Islamophobic and perpetuating harmful stereotypes on a public platform and laughing about it is completely ridiculous especially for someone with a platform as big as his. Anyone saying anything like this shouldn’t be representing the scene.”  

Comedian Guz Khan tweeted: “Yo, True Geordie is in biiiiiig trouble boy.”

After seeing the intensity of the backlash, Davis made a video apologising for the comments but many were unimpressed by his supposed contrition.  

“I was really wound up by the TG situation yesterday so didn’t want to say much but woken up today with more thoughts that I don’t feel I should hold back. As a Muslim who’s had similar ‘jokes’ thrown at him for years, I know how much it can impact your mental well-being,” tweeted football broadcaster Nubaid Haroon in a thread.

“Islamophobia has been so watered down that people don’t care enough. In a week this will all be forgotten. Other types of discrimination are taken seriously like they should, so why not Islamophobia?” he added.

Another football YouTuber Tom Garratt said he could have stayed silent on the issue but had to comment as he has seen the problems and discrimination Muslims face because of views like this.  

“I rate him facing it & apologising but when you monetise the video and still try justify why you said something the apology becomes a bit futile,” tweeted Garratt.

He added: “I’m lucky to have people I know who are Muslim so I understand and respect the culture. I know things you can and can’t say even in jest. He clearly doesn’t. 100% he needs to be held responsible but I’m not a fan of cancel culture so if you’re offended I’d suggest blocking him”

Image: True Geordie YouTube


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